Production and Delivery Delay Announcement

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Production and Delivery Delay Announcement

Release time:
Affected by the novel coronavirus, our government announced that all factory will remain closed till February 9, 2020. 
Apparently the coronavirus issue will not be resolved in short period, we are afraid that the schedule of your order may be changed due to the delay of production. We'll keep you updated. 
We regret to inform you that the delivery will be delayed due to the novel coronavirus. We'll keep tracking the status and try our best to expedite. Sorry for the inconveniences caused and thanks for your patience. 
To avoid any negative impact, I suggest that you may consider delaying your trip to China. 
China is determined and capable of winning the battle against the coronavirus. We all take it seriously and follow the government's instructions to contain the spread of the virus. The atmosphere around remains optimistic to some extent. The epidemic will be eventually controlled and killed.
Your understanding and support will be highly appreciated.