Seaweed Foliar Spray Fertilizer

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Seaweed Foliar Spray Fertilizer

Product description

Form: Dark Brown Liquid

Packaging: 1L Bottle, 5L/10L/20L Barrel, 1000L IBC

Main Composition:
PH: 5.5~6
Density: 1.19g/cm3
Organic Matter: ≥100g/L
Mannitol: ≥5.8g/L
Seaweed Extract: ≥350.8g/L
Gibberellin: ≥10ppm
N: ≥145g/L
P2O5: ≥34.8g/L
K2O: ≥35g/L


It integrates biological physiological regulation, nutrition, and prevention of pests and diseases.
The main ingredients are biologically active substances in seaweed extracts and natural plant growth regulating substances, which can comprehensively regulate various physiological functions of crops.
Seaweed extract and humate contain chelating nutrients that are easily absorbed by crops. The nutrients are comprehensive and complementary, and the synergistic effect is significant and constitutes a slow release system.

Foliar Spray: diluted 800-1000 times. Estimated dosage: 0.75~1.5L/ha
Seed dressing: 1:800 times solution, mix well and dry.
Root: 1:800 times solution.







Seaweed Extract Foliar Spray





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