Fish Protein Powder

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Fish Protein Powder

Product description

Form: Yellow Powder

Packaging: 25kg/bag

Main Composition:
PH: 6.5~8
Water-soluble: 99%
Organic Matter: ≥80%
Total Amino Acid: ≥90%

Free Amino Acid: ≥20%

N: ≥14%

P2O5: ≥1%

K2O: ≥0.6%


Our products Refined from deep-sea fish, it can improve the soil and provide a source of organic nutrients. The beneficial microorganisms in the soil can be rapidly propagated by using organic materials such as small molecule fish protein (as a carrier) to optimize the soil structure, improve the effect of fertilizer and soil ecology, also it can adjust soil PH.

Increase crop yield and improve crop quality. Fish protein can regulate and balance plant growth, stimulate seedling root growth, promote crop photosynthesis, promote early flowering and fruit setting of crops, and effectively improve the taste and quality of crops.

Enhance crop resistance. Spraying and dripping the fish protein nutrient solution on the plants can protect the plants from frostbite, and at the same time can prevent water loss, enhance drought resistance, have obvious strong effects on disease resistance.






Fish Protein Powder



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