Seaweed NPK Water-Soluble Powder Fertilizer (Balanced)

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Seaweed NPK Water-Soluble Powder Fertilizer (Balanced)

Product description

Form: White Powder

Packaging: 25kg/bag

Main Composition:

PH: 6~8
Seaweed Extract: 5%
N: 20%
P2O5: 20%
K2O: 20%
Mg: 0.19%
Cu: 0.11%
Fe: 0.3%
Mn: 0.04%
Zn: 0.01%
B: 0.1%


The product is made from Deep-Sea Seaweed and extracted by scientific process. It is rich in natural nutrient NPK required for crop growth, and contains trace elements in the organic state. It also contains seaweed extract and a variety of chelated trace elements, medium elements, and does not contain any hormones.







Seaweed Extract NPK Fertilizer

(Balance Type 20-20-20)




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