Seaweed Root Growth Fertilizer

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Seaweed Root Growth Fertilizer

Product description

Form: Dark Brown Liquid

Packaging: 1L Bottle, 5L/10L/20L Barrel, 1000L IBC

Main Composition:
PH: 7~8.5
Density: 1.16g/cm3
Organic Matter: ≥50g/L
Mannitol: ≥9.2g/L
Seaweed Extract: ≥400g/L
Humic Acid: ≥46g/L
N: ≥115g/L
P2O5: ≥34g/L
K2O: ≥62.4g/L


The product is an organic combination of seaweed extracting rooting factor and strong rooting factor, rich in fast rooting agent, germination agent, various amino acids and trace elements. It has the function of strong, fast and safe rooting and seedlings. The use of this product can promote seed germination, increase germination rate, stimulate strong rooting and tillering ability, promote the root growth of crops, make the main roots strong and dense, and the capillary roots grow a lot.

Dilute more than 1000 times, can be used for drip irrigation, cutting, rooting, flushing, etc.
Estimated dosage: 7.5L-15g/ha





Seaweed Extract Root Growth





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